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Target Responsibility for Alcohol Connected Emergencies (TRACE) is a protocol wherein first responders to alcohol-related emergencies immediately notify the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) when an incident involves a person under 21 and an alcoholic beverage. Because it is illegal to sell or provide alcohol to minors, when an alcohol connected emergency occurs involving a minor, one can deduct that the law was broken at some point in the chain of events leading up to the incident. TRACE aims to identify where, when and who broke the law by providing alcohol to a minor and hold that person responsible for their actions. The TRACE protocol is not automatically mandated for every law enforcement agency in the state, but you can do your part by reaching out to your local law enforcement and asking them to adopt TRACE.

Pictured: Kyle Goodwin, Jim Vidak (Tulare County Superintendent of Schools), Bill Lockyer (Attorney General of CA in 2003)

 TRACE Program Training Video